NTFS alternate data stream

NTFS can handle sub data stream different from main data stream which can be shown by explorer or major text viewers. Alternate Data Stream(ADS) can be shown by dir command with /r option.
dir /r
And stream data in ADS is desplayed as follows.
more < 'file':'stream name'

We can also obtain data streams and data with powershell command.
get-item 'file' -stream *
get-content 'file' -stream 'stream name'
Store data into ADS.
set-content 'file' -stream 'stream name'
We can embed executable binary or library into ADS. It can be loaded by CreateProcess and LoadLibrary Win32API.
$binary = get-content 'lib file' -encode byte
set-content 'file' -stream 'stream name' -value $binary -encode byte
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