Decrypt Salted SHA1 Hash

I found interesting article on Hacker News.
This is a blog written by engneer of Adguard. He mentions malicious web browser plugin and smartphone application that sends user's SNS information to server.
By the way, Auther setted a question about decoding hashed Facebook ID in the article. This is why I code decode program in Python.
import hashlib
number = 0
salt = 'eME9Azj8G28Y'

while True:
	number_padded = '%015d' % number
	m = hashlib.sha1()
	m.update((salt + number_padded).encode('utf-8'))
	if('e5b1149132aab56eba55168d0b0c7a095ab066f2' == m.hexdigest()):
	number = number + 1
Simple brute force code.
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